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Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

ERP stands for Enterprise resource planning is management software that helps organizations to use a system of integrated applications that used to manage business and other back office functions related to human resource, technology etc. It integrates all facts of operations such as product planning, development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.

Benefits of ERP software

ERP software is used to increase efficiency, streamlines processes and promotes culture of collaboration in organization. It offer various advantages such as

   - Improves efficiency

   - Promote collaboration between different departments

   - Cut down cost

   - Enhance data security

   - Build in regulatory process standard

   - Increase the speed of operation

   - Interlink all the Departments

   - Follow international practices adopted world over

   - Concentrate on teaching and leave data management tasks to school

   - Take quick decision as data available on a single click

   - Increase efficiency and productivity

   - Track frauds and malpractices

   - Check performance of Students

   - Check performance of Teachers

   - Avoid duplication of work

   - Move towards paperless Office.

   - Track receipts and payments


What we offer?

DIIT IT Services & Solutions provide ERP software’s related to various fields. It offer several advantages that make it different from others such as

   - Web based platform.

   - User-friendly

   - Fast printing of reports

   - Tight Security with passwords

   - Customizations of reports

   - Provision for customizations and addition of modules as per requirements

   - Facility to Export data to EXCEL and PDF

   - Facility to publish/upload data to the website

   - SMS and Email facility for all reports

   - Automatic Backup and restore Facility.

   - Graphical representation of Student’s and Teacher’s performance


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