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Finance ERP

Finance software or loan management software help to organize day to day financial activities. It manage budget, track investments, bank online and plan taxes. It is robust and user friendly software that fulfills requirements of every finance company.

Benefits of Financial Software

   - Minimize mistakes

   - Manage database related to loans

   - Saves time and money

   - Generate reports

   - Help in better planning and analysis

What we offer?

Our finance management software/module will include the details about the loan given by system admin to any individual or an organization.

   - Personal details of the user which will include (name, number and address details etc.)

   - Details of guarantor with documents upload options

   - Documents upload for user who is going to take the loan

   - Co user entry fields same like main user who takes the loan

   - Special comments for user who take the loan

   - Automatically previous records check of the user by aadhaar card number in case user has some loans from system admin with loan number.

   - In-built EMI calculator for system admin to calculate EMI based on interest rate, time and amount of loan.

   - EMI will consist of 3 types i.e. daily, weekly and monthly

   - All the information including contact and EMI details will be included in a report which can be generated in an excel sheet

   - File charges will also be decided at this point

   - Daily collection report will be generated automatically which will list down all users whose EMI Falls on that particular date with showing amount of that EMI too

   - Mark all feature: System admin will be able to mark the persons/Organizations that have already given the EMI and can mark several entries at a time

   - EMI Payment terms: If a person pays less EMI than the fixed EMI, then the Left amount will be added to next EMI with added interest on the left amount.

In case user has given extra amount than the fixed EMI amount, then it will be added in next EMI. If a person/organization will fail to deposit the EMI on the EMI day, then they will have to give the specific penalties on other day (Penalties will be decided at the time of user loan sanction). Penalties will be added on the daily basis as per terms and conditions signed by the person/organization.

   - System admin will have a ‘Mercy’ option i.e before Adding the penalty on the specific person/organization system admin will be asked to add penalty or not. Selecting the ‘Mercy’ option, penalty will be not charged for that specific person/organization only.

   - Non-paid EMIs will be shown as ‘Pending EMIs’ in Next day updates.

   - Automatic SMS will be sent to borrower before one Day of his EMI date.

   - Confirmation SMS will be sent to user as soon as his EMI marked “Paid” by admin.

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