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What is PPC?

PPC stands for pay-per-click or average cost per click, it is used to fetch quality traffic to website by paying certain amount of money. It is also used to streamline target users by scheduling time and period of ad on Google search engines.

Google Adword

Google adword is an important part of PPC. It is an online advertising program that is used to reach targeted customers and drive online traffic to website. It is used custom ad with lots of customizing options such as custom budget, custom audience etc.

Activities involved in PPC

     - Finding and selecting keywords

     - Ad text creation

     - Optimize landing pages

     - Bidding

     - Tracking of sales / call

     - Analysis and reporting

Why PPC?

     - Help in lead generation

     - Create brand awareness

     - Boost Ecommerce sales

     - Manage budget effectively

     - Increase app installation

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