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Software Testing

What is software testing?

Software testing is the process of checking software. It is an activity that help to analyze whether the actual results is match with the expected results or not. It helps to identify errors, gaps or missing requirements manually or using automated tools.

It is used to evaluate the functionality of software applications with intent to figure out whether the developed software meets the requirements or not.

Properties to which system is under test

   - Follow guidelines that are mentioned in design and development

   - Work properly on all types of inputs

   - Perform function within given time interval

   - Proper management of content

   - Fulfill requirements

Types of software testing

    - Manual testing

    - Automation testing

What we offer?

DIIT IT Services & Solutions provide best software testing services to its customers at a reasonable price. Our team of professionals finds errors or bugs from the software and then executes a program and applications.

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